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Manual to Save the Earth (Simplified)

As it is widely known, America’s Trump will withdraw US from Paris Climate Agreement.[1] This has incited various reactions. One of which is France’s Emmanuel Macron who makes pun out of “Make America Great Again” slogan by calling the world to “Make Our Planet Great Again”.[2]

As you reach the end of the first paragraph, you might want to close your browser right away because you think that climate change issue is the way too complicated, politicized, and even unimportant. For those who think that climate change is unimportant, here are several hints why you should care.


  1. More droughts, tropical cyclones, forest fires, and intense rainfall are seen as our climate gets warmer and warmer.[3] What does that mean for you? Those phenomenon certainly affect your food supply – or in a simpler wording, the food on your plate!
  2. Sea levels are rising. So what? It adds up flooding risk for people living in the coast.[4] Still sounds unimportant for you? If the world temperature risen by 2 Celsius degree, 64 million people in China would live in submerged area. Other countries which are also at risk are India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, United States, Philippines, Egypt, and Brazil.[5] So if you are from one of these countries, you better watch out!


Picture of a woman in India

Now that you have known the severe consequences of climate change, you might get overwhelmed. There is good news for you! You do not have to possess superhero powers to take part in mitigating climate change. Here are some simple actions you can do:


  1. Use less paper


  • Always print on the both sides of the paper. Even better, two pages per sheet
  • Shift to e-book reader, online newspaper, and online magazine
  • Use handkerchief instead of tissues
  • Avoid using paper plates and cups
  • Put signature on your email reminding people not to print out the email unless necessary
  • Buy recycled paper when you can


  1. Use less plastics


  • Challenge yourself by not using plastic straw to drink your beverages
  • Use reusable bag when doing grocery
  • Bring your own tumbler instead of buying bottled water
  • Make your own fresh juice instead of plastic bottled juice (besides, it is healthier!)


  1. Stop food waste


  • There is leftover food while you are eating out? Bring it home as takeaway
  • Always be considerate before ordering food
  • Buy funny-looking produce; those fruits and vegetables whose size, shape, or color are not usual but perfectly fine to be eaten.[6]


  1. Use less energy


  • Always plug off your appliances from power strip and turn them off completely when not in use[7]
  • Eat less meat, poultry, and fish while adding up more vegetables to your diet. More resources are needed to provide meat than plants
  • You can reach out a destination in only 5-10 minutes by car/motorcycle? Ride the bike or walk!


The aforementioned steps are only the tip of the iceberg! There are plenty means to save our planet. If you have any idea, feel free to contact me or share it on the comments section. Have a good day!











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