As the world moves rapidly, it is imperative to take a pause and step back once in a while. This blog is dedicated to discuss some questions on development, philosophy, politics, and feminism.



Amidst dominant discourse about development that is often associated with economic growth, modernization, transition from “backward” society to advanced society, this website aims to give platform for people to express their ideas about development. It is my ultimate objective that the concept of “development” can have diverse meanings and portrayals.



Human mind is an endless space. There are always questions to be asked, issues to be debated, and thoughts to be discussed. While this blog does not cover all areas of philosophy, it mainly covers some topics that are my area of interest.



Political context significantly influences almost every aspect of our life, even the one that seems neligible. That being said, this blog aims to discuss politics and how it relates to our daily life.



Having encountered many people who equate feminism to man-hating, I feel the urge to talk about feminism on this blog.