How to Respond to Catcalling

"Nice tits, babe", "You got nice butts","Hey baby, you're beautiful" are only few of catcalling words women often experience on the street. While being catcalled makes women extremely uncomfortable, most of the time we do not know the appropriate responses. This articles aims to provide you with alternatives and guides in responding to catcalling. What… Continue reading How to Respond to Catcalling


Are You Biased Against Women Leaders? Take the Quiz!

Unconscious bias is often there without us knowing it (that's why it is called unconscious). Although we may claim that we are not biased against women, the result of the quiz may say otherwise. There is no better way to find out than taking the quiz by yourself! Here is the link: http://www.aauw.org/article/implicit-association-test/ Notes: you… Continue reading Are You Biased Against Women Leaders? Take the Quiz!


Feminism History: the “Boring” Part

Feminism history??!! We often associate history with loooong and complex documents which are time-consuming. But this article is different! It will give you simple summary of feminism journey (first, second, and third wave). Let's begin! Why does it matter to know about this? Knowing the feminism history and issues will help you identify and evaluate… Continue reading Feminism History: the “Boring” Part